Najma Global Services

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Value Added Services

An extensive variety of well established and rapidly growing mobile services which are innovative..

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Interactive Services

Create and launch any multi-faceted interactive SMS service utilizing our custom-built SMS Messenger system..

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Content Aggregation

We have partnered with some of the best content providers in the Middle East to channelize their Setrvices to the mobile audience..

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Content Management

Our Content Management and Delivery Platform is designed to offer network operators and multimedia content..

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Web Design Services

We deliver web 2.0 design services of any complexity to clients all around the Middle East Region..

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Billing Connectivity

With technological advancements and transformation of cellular technology, mobile messaging has been..

We are witnessing the rise of several recent trends that have marked a new era for mobile operators. Today, operators are witnessing the emergence of a new and increasingly profitable market driver - mobile content and services that not only results in driving significant ARPU revenues but also provide consumers with sophisticated user-centric services. All our services are powered by a modular flexible platform that is designed to support the rapid launch of innovative services to meet both operator and consumer requirements.