With an extensive portfolio of solutions, Najma Global Adds value to the mobile operators business and operational environment, creating subscriber stickiness via innovative products, applications and service offerigns that cater to every aspect of the subscribers wish list, whilst addressing critical opperational issues confronting the mobile service provider today.

An enhanced SMS-based chat service that enables a synchronous, text-based, chatting among mobile users. With SMS as the medium it caters to the widest possible mobile user audience, second only to voice based solutions and services.

The service enables mobile subscribers to meet new people around common interests, make lots of new friends and chat with them in real time


Operator Benefits


The application is powered by a highly robust and scalable mobile chat platform. It can be adapted to multiple mobile networks, devices and connectivity protocols, allowing seamless communication. We ensure quick integration with the mobile operator networks.

By 2010, mobile advertising is forecast to grow 45% to $3.8 billion, with the breakdown being $3.2 billion SMS advertising, $253 million mobile display, and $321 million mobile search (Source: TechCrunch)

"Momentum" is a word we use to describe "loyalty with velocity", and the mobile channel is one of an advertiser's most valuable tools for engaging consumers.

NAJMA GLOBAL takes a holistic view of the advertising space and we work with brands to build out their mobile advertising channel to create and develop tailored campaigns. We help the advertising industry to reach out to their target segments, by leveraging the operators' consumer profile information and reach.

Placing consumers at the heart of our model, our solutions deliver messages and advertisements in line with the individual's needs, interests and expectations. In addition to core messaging, our service includes the ability to deliver incentives to prompt call-to-action above and beyond the core information provided.

We help operators create innovative service bundles, incorporating advertising messages - thus bringing value to both subscribers as well as advertising industry. They can also cross promote content and services. Even other players within the ecosystem such as content providers and advertising space promoters can collaborate to develop the potential of the mobile as the new promotional medium by experimenting with interactive contests, discount coupons, or integrating promotional messages in ring back tones and text-based messages.

Our Platform

User Benefits

Advertiser Benefits

At NAJMA GLOBAL, we specialize in mobile content optimization, bringing to you an exciting range of retail specific mobile products allowing our consumers a convenient and thus more enjoyable shopping experience. This involves the usage of mobile coupons and mobile tickets - an innovative text message based product that provides the opportunity to open a digital dialogue with the consumer directly on the mobile handset.

Whether you're in retail and need a new dimension to your coupon campaigns, or an event venue wanting to revolutionize the way you distribute tickets, our mTicketing and mCoupon solutions can mobilize the journey for you and your customers.

By 2014, over 300 million global consumers will use mobile phone coupons, which will generate $6 billion in global redemption values (courtesy: Juniper).

Our unique solution enables you to distribute the digital coupons and tickets easily and efficiently to virtually any mobile phone either through SMS, MMS, Bluetooth or any other mobile means. You can then redeem, manage, track and report on promotional campaigns or events through retail outlet EPOS systems, hand held portable scanners, or behind-the-till redemption units.

NAJMA GLOBAL's mCouponing and mTicketing solution is extremely versatile and controlled allowing different campaign mechanics and objectives to be achieved through one campaign management system. It also provides in-depth, real time online reporting allowing you to monitor who, where, when and how coupons are being redeemed or tickets are being used.

A modular multi-purpose solution, it is driven by a flexible online interface where users can build and manage their ticketing and coupon campaigns as well as track in real time the redemption status and general campaign success rates. The mCoupons and mTickets can be redeemed using the following:

1. Wireless Redemption Unit:

2. Wireless Handheld scanner

3. EPOS Integration

4. Mobile Phone


Mobile coupons allow organizations to distribute digital coupons to customers' mobile phones which offer a significantly advantage over paper based alternatives such as higher redemption rates, offer better security and encourage impulsive purchases. The real magic of mobile couponing is however the redemption of each coupon. With each couponing campaigns, organizations can build a more detailed profile of their customers for targeting with future marketing and promotional campaigns.

Mobile tickets or mTickets allow 1D and 2D barcodes to be sent directly to mobile phones. These barcodes can be read by most retail EPOS scanners or GPRS connected handheld scanning devices.

Sports and music venues, festivals, theme parks and travel companies issue millions of paper tickets and eTickets every year. Using mobile as a channel to distribute tickets provides wider reach, increased flexibility and allows customers to purchase and receive tickets on the move, at any time and in any place

mTickets also provide a solution to lost and misplaced paper tickets, remove the need to print out eTickets and allow instant redemption through the input of a code or bar code scan. They offer businesses increased security,faster entry times and lower operational costs, and they provide consumers with a much richer experience that's significantly more convenient.

Mobile tickets or mTickets allow 1D and 2D barcodes to be sent directly to mobile phones. These barcodes can be read by most retail EPOS scanners or GPRS connected handheld scanning devices.

  • Reduce production and operational overheads compared to paper tickets, and provide extra security throughout the ticket validation process.
  • Increase the flexibility of the ticketing environment. Mobile tickets can be issued and redeemed anywhere with hand-held redemption units, providing quick and easy event entry even at the last minute.
  • Take advantage of time bound return SMS messages, delivered after redemption, to thank customers and offer new promotions or information about other events.
  • Build quality mobile CRM (mCRM) data to target customers with future offers relating to their past redemptions and purchases
  • Easy integration with existing systems ensures it doesn't slow down the check-in process

The smart phone revolution has reached a tipping point where mobile apps will increasingly drive consumer and business adoption of emerging mobile platforms and devices.

At NAJMA GLOBAL, we bring you the Apps store, a one-stop truly global store for the latest apps, from business and entertainment to medical information and sports. The company partners with media companies, portals, retailers, device manufacturers and operators on a regional and international level to deliver customized multi-lingual on-device apps.

Our portfolio consists of numerous mobile applications, media products and subscription services from several content providers and developers that NAJMA GLOBAL has associated with. Our Apps store lists applications that can accommodate all major smart phones Android, Nokia and BlackBerry; our humble attempt to unifying the apps business and catering to the latest handsets available in the market.

With our best-in-class management platform, we provide comprehensive tools for catalog management, localization, store design, administration, marketing, purchasing and provisioning of mobile content. The platform offers flexibility, with both advertising-supported and subscription based models available.

We offer a complete ecosystem for mobile operators to deliver and sell applications ringtones, graphics and videos to mobile phones. Our solution provides rapid content ingestion for operator content providers, digital rights management, content management with respect to content positioning and real-time reporting of transactions.

Value Propositions

  • Operator brandable Content Provider extranet to allow content providers ingest content in bulk and or individually
  • Operator extranet with definable workflow processes with content management and approval interfaces
  • Operator brandable WAP and WEB interfaces to access, download and bill mobile content
  • Real-time transaction reports
  • On-device shopping client and home screen technology
  • Ability to deal with downloadables of executables (Symbian, J2ME), media files (ringtones, wallpapers, videos), and browseables (WML, XHTML) in one unified solution
  • Automatically provides compatibility mapping indicators to new phones
  • Ability to integrate to industry standard as well as proprietary billing systems
  • Mobile search engine
  • Maintains a database of downloadable transactions and integrates with operator billing systems, micropayment systems, and credit card systems
  • Handles reconciliation and revenue share payments to content owners
  • Mobile ecosystem services, including content sourcing, testing, ingestion and content management
  • XML interfaces for operators
  • Hosted and Licensed options

Benefits for App Store Operators

  • Implement a full ecosystem quickly at lower cost than building internally
  • Reduce cost and get to market faster by using our hosted solution
  • Increase airtime usage through download and network-usage activity driven by offering your customers the largest repository in the world of certified applications
  • Customize the desktop and mobile interface with operator look and feel
  • Customize the directory by sorting the applications by device, protocol, country and more

Benefits for End Users

  • Quickly find the best applications from the desktop or mobile phone
  • Search, browse, download and purchase applications
  • Easy payment options - operator bill or via credit card
  • Customize the desktop and mobile interface with operator look and feel
  • Customize the directory by sorting the applications by device, protocol, country and more

With increased demand from consumers for immediate access to the content that matters the most for them anytime, anywhere; the onus is on us to offer an unparalleled mobile experience crafted to meet the requirements of each user. At NAJMA GLOBAL, we value these unique interests of all our subscribers which proves to be a vital source for value creation and differentiation for mobile carriers, content providers, aggregators etc. all around the world.

NAJMA GLOBAL brings an array of such unique WAP and Web Portals where a user can easily access all the content that they need on the Internet on a real-time basis. From news, sports, weather, games, social networking and messaging, our portals are the best means for users to access their unique set of localized, personalized and customized content. Our portals enables carriers to deliver content through a wide range of access mediums which are supported on a wide range of target devices, helping to provide an ongoing, high-value position for carriers in the evolving mobile data ecosystem.

Key Features

  • Integrated Platform: Extremely scalable and reliable platform with centralized features and carrier class managed services
  • Brand Presence: Portals are customized using company’s brand guidelines and business rules
  • Additional Revenue Streams: Integration with various other advertising platforms allows you to offer subscribers more of what they might want. Brands can also promote new services and market messages in the dedicated space made available through the interface.
  • Extensive Content Portfolio: Our portals render easy access to mobile internet enabling subscribers to access any content that they wish to
  • Broad Availability: The NAJMA GLOBAL portals can be accessed through a wide range of access mediums and can be supported on a wide range of hand-helds and mobile operating systems

NAJMA GLOBAL's mobile SMS delivery system incorporates mobile messaging functionality to extend to the mobile environment and offer enhanced services to subscribers and employees.

Our feature-rich, modularized messaging platforms can connect to multiple SMSCs and can support numerous protocols including SMPP, CIMD2 and HTTP. Intelligent routing rules ensure system stability throughout high traffic times and the scalability of the platform enables many applications to be run at the same time.

An end-to-end solution, our messaging platform is a standards-based system that is fast and easy to integrate into the operator's existing infrastructure, speeding time to market and optimizing return on investment.

The NAJMA GLOBAL Messaging gateway can support various innovative applications and services:-

1. Short-code messaging based on keywords enable operators and businesses to engage with customers in new ways and trigger a fast response.

2. Promotional campaigns and information alerts can be enabled through SMS including alerts, reminders, dealer-locator and voting applications.